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Anonymous said:
Welcome back :)


I lived my life.

Oh god. I think it’s been a while since the last time I opened my tumblr. I did the thing most tumblr folks wouldn’t… Live with society. HAHA! Just kidding. But really. Wow. Even though I’ve been away for a while, I still have that passion for blogging. I love expressing myself the way I want. In my case, sharing random shenanigans and hilarious things. Time to revive my tumblr! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

I’M BAAAAACK! With pancakes and some unicorns :D

Oh my glob. It’s been TWO FREAKING YEARS since I last came to tumblr. I think the people who followed me probably forgot my existence. LOL. Anyway. Gonna try and stay active :D 

Awkward is the new sexy :D

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